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NDIS6 support for XP?


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@Mov AX, 0xDEAD

can you see, why the i211 works with kdnet.dll (better kdstub.dll) from win8.1

but the i219 not


EDIT: I see, that only the i211 gets attention in kdstub.dll and this via e1000_init_nvm_params_i211 proc near.

So, may be that for the i211, i217, i218 those nvm parameter are the same.

But nvm is different on i219.



The i211 has a transmit buffer of 128 KB and a receive buffer of 128 KB.

In contrast, the i219 has a larger memory cache with a transmit buffer of 256 KB and a receive buffer of 256 KB.



The i211 has a NVM size of 64KB.

The i219 Ethernet controller uses a larger NVM size of 256KB.

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Is there a Vista bit32 driver for i219



This is, what I have found for Vista bit32.

The driver with "r" goes up to i210 and may be worth a try.

This "r" driver fullfilles all dependencies under win7 SP1, but does not work direct for the i211 or i219


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Has anyone thought about or managed to add the support for NDIS LWF drivers to XP in this forum? What about WFP?

Because I think these two are a very important part of supporting many of vista+ programs.

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