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Simple script to launch a few programs and position their window and size on the correct display

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So I want to write basically a start-up script to start up Task Manager, Resource Manager, Core Temp, and MSI Afterburner on my secondary display.

I remember back in the old XP days there was a Window menu and you could tell it to remember the size and position (or maybe that Win98?)

Anyways, I'm not sure which language to implement this.

The way I see it I can use:

- Windows Batch script (.bat)

- VBscript (.vbs) - I know this may be considered outdated but it's still very useful and can do the simple task I need

- Powershell

- .NET (probably overkill but listing anyways)

And I'm sure there's more options I haven't listed.

If there is a "preferred" or "best-practice" choice I would like to know

Or if you just have suggestions or comments please leave a remark below!

I have same basic experience in all the above languages so that's not a factor.

RIght now I am considering writing the same script with the first 3 languages and noting my opinions/observations.

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Possibly the simplest would be plain batch using nircmd:


should have all the commands you need.

Probably next (what I would use, mind you not necessarily the best idea) would be either AutoIt or AutoHotKey, as AFAICR they have many easy functions to manage wiindows. 

This exists (written in AutoHotKey, source included):


But I think there are many more "dedicated" freewares/low cost sharewares for this, though finding one with all the features you want may take some time, as I think many are single display only, anyway a couple ones:


https://toddnelson.net/ https://github.com/Todd1561/TANWindowMgr



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