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TLS 1.3 on Windows 2000?

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I found this article on the BWC forum in which thanks to a cloudflare proxy, you can use TLS 1.3 in IE6.

Obviously I don't use IE6 as few pages work with it. But there are external programs that require IE.
I say this since Windows 2000 does not support Elliptic Curve public key algorithm. Which many servers ask for it. And also as an experiment.

What I'm saying, did anyone get this to work? Since I have a program called Proxydomo, but I don't know what Cloudflare's remote HTTP Proxy looks like and the port.

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I recently made a topic about tls1.2 and Firefox 12, but no one answered me. I'm wonder if that proxy could work on IE6 and Win9x/2k and Firefox 12. There is another tool called browservice, but it's difficult to setup it because you need a Linux machine. Moveover, you probably would see all the page as an image, so you couldn't use it with Screen Readers. I expect Blackwingcat will explain more about this.

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I found a proxy called WebOne and it's very helpfull. The thing is that it requires Windows 7 and newer (the server) as a client you can use even IE5 or Netscape. Maybe you can run Windows 7 on an vm connected using bridged adapter so it would be connected to physicall connection. There's a key that changes the shell from explorer.exe to cmd.exe. I tried that with Windows 10 X64, and it can even boot with 232mb of ram. I think if we do it with Windows 7 x32 it could boot with 100mb of ram! That proxy requires .netCore runtimes 3.1, so the proxy don't work even in Windows XP. I'm wondering if it'll be able to run in Win2K/9x. That would be a goal!

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