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Microsoft expiring SHA-1 updates; Will this kill XP?


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20 hours ago, xpandvistafan said:

Will the SHA-1 certificate expiration impact the catalog?


no.  the ms catalog site should still work - ms catalog is the modern day "ms download center"


8 hours ago, ED_Sln said:

Nothing has changed, no signatures have disappeared, neither for the drivers, nor for updates. It looks like the panic was in vain.


yea, so much for the SHA1pocalypse (hah!) :lol:
my friend's old HP a1600n desktop PC with XP media center edition 2005 (patched with SP3 and a lot of the post-EOL XP updates) is still working recently

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15 minutes ago, erpdude8 said:

yea, so much for the SHA1pocalypse (hah!) :lol:

I told y'all so, haven't I?  :whistle:

On 4/28/2021 at 8:25 PM, dencorso said:

Nothing. It's irrelevant, except for paranoia mongering, of course!  :angel :boring:


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