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Original Windows Vista ultimate extras


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Does anyone know where to find the orginal windows vista ultimate extras (version 6.0.6000.17015), I wasn't able to find much myself. If it is impossible to find the whole package it doesn't matter as I mainly need Hold'em 6.0.6000.17015.

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I believe you were recently browsing the “Download links” thread? I think you are looking for KB932925, unless that is a newer version of the Hold’em extra. I tried searching Microsoft Update Catalog for it, but found no results. However, greenhillmaniac has it in his repository. You can find a repository link in the first post of his thread Windows Vista Update Repository. He has Ultimate Extras folders in both the x64 and x86 folders. I wish you success!

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I believe all the Vista Ultimate Extras and updates for both x64 and x86 can be found in greenhillmaniac directory. There is also this thread that contains a few direct download links for some of the dreamscene packages from the official Microsoft servers.


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