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  1. May I ask how you managed to get it installed before packing it in your tool? I, like every other vista lover coming out of the woodwork recently, am working on my own Vista project, compiling an extremely detailed guide for creating an updated ISO installer image with as little post installation work as possible. The majority of the work, and time lol, is getting spent consolidating the 15 years worth of troubleshooting information across the hundreds of forum threads scattered over the web. Once it's eventually finished and polished I aim to post it somewhere so no one has to wrestle with Vistas update/installation baboonery again.
  2. I believe all the Vista Ultimate Extras and updates for both x64 and x86 can be found in greenhillmaniac directory. There is also this thread that contains a few direct download links for some of the dreamscene packages from the official Microsoft servers.

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