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Windows XP system web browser


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There is a way to change the Windows XP System web browser to another browser to increase compatibility between programs that use the system web browser?.
Like the cherry player when I go to login it opens a page in the system's web browser but the xp web browser does not support the google login page, by chance I would have to change the system web browser for a browser like Palemoon, Firefox or Chrome , or some way to update this web browser?

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You can change the default web browser that the OS uses, but may have to deal with other browsers always asking to be default. This will not help if the program you are using is not making a generic request to the OS, aka it is hard coded to launch a particular web browser.

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Welcome to MSFN Andrey. Unfortunately the release notes for CherryPlayer 2.5.2 (January 2019) suggest that it was hard coded to use Internet Explorer’s engine for login to YouTube and Twitch (having previously relied on an old WebKit engine). That was probably a better solution for Win7+ with IE 11 than for XP with IE8 (or Vista with IE9), although YT doesn’t claim to support IE at althese days. CherryPlayer adopted a Chromium web engine beginning with 3.0.0 in November 2019, but unfortunately that was the end of support for XP. It might be worth mentioning that the release notes for 2.5.3 mention a YT login error being fixed.

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