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Triple-Boot - down the drain?


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maybe we see the waning light of triple-boot with W98/XP/W10:

The last usable driver for NVidia Series 6 and 7 cards on Windows 10 (GEFORCE 309.08 for W88 64bit, from 2015-02-24) is showing severe flicker and display-problems (here: with my GF 7900 GTX PCIe 512MB).

This would fundamentally render moot AMD FX as the most cross-compatible, intergenerational platform for W98SE to current W10, and might do so for any other modern platform.

(Unfortunately, LInux with pass-through is still not up to replace this "in totam", even though it seems the most promising alternative).


Does anyone else have the same problem, or is it just me?



Ragnar G.D.

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Simple solution - find a stable, semi-working build of W10 (as if such a thing exists, lol) and stay on it :P

btw. how come your NVidia card not working properly makes the AMD FX platform unusable , huh?!

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W10 is "Unusable" with a legacy NVidia card, because the screen flickers to an unacceptable extent, display artifacts, color distortions, you name it. Like with a semi-broken GPU.

There is no point in staying with some outdated version (of whatever W7/8/10), because the purpose is exactly to have a current Windows 10 64bit and W9x, it is there to proove that Windows is Windows since over 20 years, and it was/(is?) a platform to compare the same ole' games over the generations of Windows, i.e. Baldurs Gate I / II, Half Life 1, Diablo 1/2, Stalker, etc..

The other two OS, that is, W98SE and XP stay usable, of course, as there is no change.

But there is no point any more in keeping up the FX platform, which requires quite some effort installing, and patching, and keeping alive with W10 64bit.

Because: If i just want to use XP and W98SE (and NOT W10 64bit) there are fully supported Platforms for that, as i.e. the ASRock 775i65G R3.0

https://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/775i65G R3.0/index.asp

But you need not feel the same, this is just me... ;-)


Ragnar G.D.


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