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Links Web Browser Community Edition for DOS with TLS 1.2

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This Links v2.25 port to DOS is indeed stable and good. Couple recent discoveries. The right-click 'open (link) in new window' actually opens up a new 'window'. Although tabs aren't supported, 'windows' are managed similarly via the Windows dropdown or keyboard (Alt-F1 to Alt-F#). If more than one window is running the 'q' (quit) key closes only the active window.

Not documented in the 'Keys' (keyboard shortcut) pop-up, on this keyboard the Delete key allows scrolling two lines at a time. This is a nice discovery, as scrolling via up/down arrow is sometimes jumpy (jump from link to link). Slow scrolling via mouse can also be done by holding down middle mouse button plus up/down and, of course, Page Up/Down and Home/End keys to move about quickly.
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The Insert key likewise slow scrolls up, also not mentioned in 'Keys' popup. Unfortunately it does not repeat when held down. Official slow scroll up/down keys are the letters 'p' and 'l'. My hands don't always hover there so Insert/Delete is convenient.
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