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So Windows Update for WinXP 32-64 is finally turned off?


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Hi guys,

Yesterday I tried to update my 3 Win XP installations:

- Win XP Home SP3 without any MS Office suite

- Win XP Home SP3 with MS Office 2010 suite

- Win XP Pro x64 SP2 with MS Office 2010 suite

and it failed on all occasions. Frankly, I expected eventual updates only on the installations that have Office 2010. However, all I got was some error messages from the Windows/Microsoft Update page.

I guess M$ finally pulled the plug on the Update services for Win XP iterations? Probably because that will save them a lot of money for hosting and traffic expenses?



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It loads here, but i'm missing the WU ActiveX and it fails to download. The MU ActiveX installed fine though. My IE is pretty broken, lol.




[edit] just tried on my work system, there i get "Error number: 0x80244019" which is supposed to mean error 404...

At least i got the Express/Custom prompt there.

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