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  1. I have to apologize for wasting other people' time and efforts. Obviously age is catching up with me and I would do better to stop tinkering with hardware. Problem was resolved in the most banal and obvious manner - by updating chipset driver. Latest driver from Gigabyte for this particular MoBo was from August 2006. That is what I had originally installed on my machine. Went to nVidia site and downloaded latest driver for the nForce 4 Series (GeForec6100/nForce430) version 15.26 from March 2009. Installed, and problem is gone. Simple as that. Should have thought of that to begin with, but .... Anyways, thanks again to everyone who tried to help me through my stupidity. Best :-)
  2. Hello ED_Sln: Thank you very much for taking so much time and efforts to help with the problem. Really appreciate it. I tried to do what you suggested, however I already have the standard IDE controller installed - see pic. When I try to see if there any other SATA Controller to install, I only have this option:
  3. How exactly to do this? Manufacturer (nVidia) provides their own drivers... look for generic drivers on the Internet?
  4. Thank you for your answers and suggestions, guys. I will get around to trying these, and will post here to report success or failure. Greets :-) PS. Tried it, unfortunately for me both of the proposed solutions did not produce results. Guess I have to live with it. Thanks again for trying to help. Best :-)
  5. Hi guys, My WinXP 64 SP2 (updated to the latest) machine runs absolutely fine, except for a little annoyance: my system disk (Drive C:) shows in the system tray as USB-removable - see attached pic below. I have searched on the Internets for a solution, and tried a few things, but nothing seems to work. I also came across some posting in which a guy claimed that it is a bug in WinXP64. Anyways, if someone can help out, it will be greatly appreciated. My machine's specs: - MoBo: GA-K8N51GMF-9; chipset NVIDIA GeForce 6100 and NVIDIA nForce 430 - CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ Toledo, socket 939 - System HDD (C:): WDC400JD, SATAII - Storage HDD (D:): HDT7250, PATA UDMA6 - DVD-ROM Drive (E:): GWA4164B, PATA UDMA2 - BIOS does not seem to support AHCI, only IDE. There is no "hot-plug" option. Interesting thing is that I use exactly the same machine with a different HDD (WDC800JD) to run Win XP Home SP3. The problem is not present; it only appears under WinXP64. Thank you for your attention :-)
  6. This is sad news indeed. RIP Rudolph; and heartfelt condolences to his family. I could not help it but remember a compatriot of mine who also passed away before his time a few years back. The guy was too an Win95/98 enthusiast, and did enormous favor to morons like myself by figuring out a way to bring out the Cyrillic phonetic keyboard in 95/98/XP. Until his aid, people were getting ripped off by commercial tools that not only did a p***-poor job in this regard, but also tended to totally mess up the Windows. Even today I still use this guy's tool on my two Win98 machines and my Win95 machine. People like these are a blessing, and will be missed sorely.
  7. Thank you again for the detailed hint. Greets :-)
  8. Thank you very much, brother, you da man :-) How did you find this site? I have been combing the Internets, but only found phonies... Not to be Johny-ask-a-lot, but do you by any chance know of a Windows 10 x64-capable driver for Radeon X850 XT Platinum Edition? ATI never bothered to provide driver for this fine card after Vista, I was hoping some guy would mod/hack a driver to be good for Win10, but never found anything anywhere. Big thanks and gratitude :-)
  9. Hi guys, I am trying to rebuild my driver collection, part of which was wiped out by mistake. One of the drivers that I have hard time finding on the Internets is: 9-11_legacy_vista32-64_wdm.exe So if some kind soul still has this ancient thing and wants to share it with me, I will be very appreciative. Thanks in advance for any help. Greets :-)
  10. My little project was blown out of the water - the desktop PC's CPU does not support 64-bit Windows 10 which I had on the SSD. Fortunately I managed to pull off almost everything of value from the SSD before reformatting it in order to try and install 32-bit Windows 7. Hope this project will not blow up in my face :-) Thanks to jaclaz once more for the help. Greets to all!
  11. Hi again jaclaz: I am really thankful for your quick and detailed response. Not many people bother with providing such a plentiful info, so my hat is off to you :-) I need some time to digest the info you provided since my knowledge in these matters is way not sufficient. Already did some digging on my own about the MBR vs GPT issue; not sure if a workable conversion can be achieved at all (in a sense that the computer will boot up after it). Most recommended tool is EaseUs Partition Master Pro, however I never got a solid impression that it can convert a system disc. Not to mention that the proggy is not cheap to get, which is a concern too. So let me try the first option which you suggested and see how far I can go. Will post the outcome in a few days. Thanks again, brother. Best :-)
  12. Hi jaclaz: Thank you very much for trying to help. Here is what I can answer to your questions: 1. The desktop PC is with a BIOS-based motherboard. The laptop was with a UEFI-based motherboard. 2. The SSD is GPT-formatted - see attached pic. 3. Never tried to boot the desktop PC with a USB drive, I presume you had in mind USB with Win10 on it, right? I think I have available USB flash drive with 8 GB capacity somewhere...
  13. Hi guys, I have a 256 GB SSD with a legit Windows 10 Educational 1803 that came off of my dead laptop Lenovo Ideapad 320-17ISK. I would very much like to use the said SSD with the installed Windows 10 in a spare desktop PC. So I plugged it in and turned on the computer only to see that the machine won't boot up at all; it hangs right after the POST screen. BIOS recognizes the SSD, which is surely set as a bootable device - to no avail. My search on the Internets did not turn up a meaningful solution to the problem. If anyone here can advise how to overcome the situation it will be much appreciated. Reinstalling Win10 is what I want to avoid due to license/activation concern, and also not willing to lose some stuff that is currently on the disk. Thank you for your attention. Greets :-)
  14. My thanks to erpdude8 and Dave-H for making it easier for me to fix the problem with the broken Office 2010 on WinXP. Greets :-)
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