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  1. Hi again and thanks for the new reply. With the XUSBSUPP installed, it did not matter if the USB flash drive was plugged in or not - the shutdown manifested itself every time. Normally, on this particular machine I avoid leaving anything plugged in, be it flash drive or mounted virtual disk in Alcohol 120. I have tried different versions of the USB driver stack files - it did not make any difference. Perhaps the suggestion that a hardware incompatibility exists is closest to the mark. The machine has Gigabyte mobo with VIA KT133 chipset, which was problematic to begin with (they
  2. Hi LoneCrusader: Thank you for responding to my post and giving a meaningful advice. Back in 2016 when I was setting up my Win95 machine, I tried the XUSBSUPP pack. Immediately after its installation, the computer began constantly refusing to shut down, instead displaying and getting stuck at "Please wait while your computer shuts down" message (red letters on blue screen, hope you recall what I am referring to, if not see pic below). This annoyed me to no extent, and I had to uninstall the XUSBSUPP pack even though it had excellent functionality. After the uninstall, the shutdown pr
  3. Thank you, sir, but this does not address the problem I currently experience and for which I seek resolution. On a side note, I am well aware of the USB mass storage pack created by RLoew and LoneCrusader. This pack has excellent functionality, however it triggers the shut-down bug on my machine. Regards.
  4. Hi guys, I was "lucky" enough to install this pack on my Win95 machine in order to be able to use an USB flash drive. At that time (late 2016) I did not do much testing to see if the pack worked without serious problems. Nowadays I need to use the said flash drive extensively on this particular machine. This is how I found out that the USB mass storage pack has serious deficiencies. Namely, once a flash drive is ejected, it cannot be reconnected with the machine, as it is not recognized unless the computer is restarted. Furthermore, after trying to uninstall the driver pack, the mach
  5. Thanks for this info, Rod Steel. I wish this thing was compatible with Win XP x64 too, unfortunately it is not.
  6. Hi luweitest, Thank you for trying to help. I however have to disagree with your statement. I cannot connect via TeamViewer between either of my three computers on the home LAN, even though "Incoming LAN connections" is set to "accept" as per your suggestion. My Windows 10 machine runs TV 15.11.6 (which is latest), my two Windows XP Home SP3 machines run TV 14.2.56676 (which is also latest for WinXP). Every time I try to establish a connection such as: - From Win 10 machine to Win XP machine - From Win XP machine to Win XP machine I get the following sweet message one
  7. Thanks for the tip, Goodmaneuver. I will try it next time I need to switch up drivers again. Do not like 82.69, tried it a couple of times, games have problems with it. Best :-)
  8. Thank you, jaclaz, it seems like the tool that fits my needs. Strange how I missed it during my search.
  9. Hi guys, For about 5 years now, I have been using a headless box running updated-to-the-last Windows XP Home SP3 to store and keep my software, games, video and music files. TeamViewer was my tool to connect to this machine from my main computer for the purpose of manually updating the antivirus definitions (Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1), browse the stored files, and finally shut down the machine when finished. It was a simple, workable solution that served me perfectly. The last version of TV on this machine was 14.2.56673. Unfortunately, TeamViewer in all their wisdom decided
  10. Hi guys, I have two retro machines running vanilla Windows 98SE US-English version. Video card in both is nVidia GeForce Ti 4200, AGP 2X/4X, 64MB RAM. DirectX is 8.1. Use these machines mostly for playing older video games, or using legacy productivity software. For the games part, I often have to rotate between different driver versions, going as far back as 30.82 and as recent as 81.98, which is the latest that officially support GeForce Ti 4200. While most of the driver versions install and uninstall without a hitch, 81.98 gives me headache every time I have to uninstall it. It th
  11. Dave-H, thank you for giving us these heads-up. Appreciate your time and efforts. Stay well! Playing Iron Maiden's "Empire of the Clouds" in your honor now :-)
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