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Windows 10 2004 update issue.


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8 hours ago, Tripredacus said:

2020 04 (April)

And it is a good idea, since they originally were going to release in March. Since Server SKUs get the same build number, it would have resulted in a Server 2019 2003, which would be a disaster to search for since all you'd find would be stuff regarding Server 2003.

Wha, wha wha wha what? ! Tell me, are you a cyborg? Just curious.

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1 hour ago, UCyborg said:

Nothing actually.

CosmoDreamy just made a remark about Microsoft, that they should take a look at the Windows version that was current in the year 2004, so Windows XP, and take it as an example when working on Windows 10, in terms of quality and such.

2004 is indeed the latest stable Windows 10's version number, but looking at the number itself, you can quickly make a connection to the year 2004.

I have two laptops that are working fine with the update. I just had to adjust the touchpad for the task view issue though since I updated that one to V. 2004

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On 7/13/2020 at 9:54 AM, UCyborg said:

If I remember correctly, Win10 1809 was re-released as V2. "v2" was in the name of the ISO, otherwise, it was just a regular release with the then current updates slipstreamed.

the Win10 v1809 "V2" ISOs had build 17763.379 (KB4489899 cumulative update integrated) released back in late March 2019 - almost 6 months after the first release of 1809 (build 17763.1) in early Oct. 2018 and was first re-released around mid-Nov. 2018 as build 17763.107 (KB4464455) and then re-re-released as V2 several months later with 17763.379.  I know this because I downloaded the 1809 V2 ISOs myself back then around the end of March 2019.


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