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I Want to create a fully updated XP install CD

the xt guy

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I want to make a fully updated XP install CD, with all the official updates through April 2014 and all the POSReady updates through April 2019. I have several XP install disks (XP Professional Retail, XP Home OEM (generic OEM NOT Dell) and XP Professional OEM (again not Dell), all English). All of these XP install CD's are version 2002, (I think that means they includes SP1 or SP1a.) After I installed them, I would run XP SP3 and then go to MS update. Now that the XP servers have been decomissioned, a CD with all the updates slipsreamed on to it is the only way to go.

In the past I have occasionally used Nlite, and I would use that except I've read here that it won't accept any of the POSReady updates. I also used HFSLIP to make an updated Windows 2000 CD in April 2013 that included some post EOS and unofficial updates. I haven't seen any mention whether it works with the POPSReady updates.

I know of RyanVM's site, but never having explored there, it's proving challenging to jump in there and figure out all the different update packs, which one I should choose, if any and finding the download links (it doesn't seem as organized as this site).

The last time I had to install XP (2015) I did note all the updates my computer downloaded after I ran XP SP3 and I saved a copy of all the hotfixes. I also saved all of the POSReady updates from May 2014-April 2019. This way I knew I would always have all the updates (and i could have made an install CD valid through April 2014).

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