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Using with Open-Shell

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So, I've been using OpenShell in Windows 10 for a while now because it allows me to customize the start menu to exactly as I like it.  I was using it in Windows 7, and now I'm using it in Windows 10.

But I was Googling about how to remove the little colored bar underneath active programs in Windows 10, and StartIsBack++ came up in my search.  I decided to try it, and I absolutely love the way it customizes the taskbar, and it even does a much better job of replacing the start menu icon than OpenShell does.

But, it seems to override OpenShell's start menu appearance itself, which I don't like.  I'm hoping somebody can tell me how to disable StartIsBack++'s replacement of the start menu so that it would default to OpenShell's version instead.  The FAQ says I can simply change the settings in StartIsBack++ to "Windows 10 style" on the leftmost option, but that reverts the taskbar settings from StartIsBack as well, which I want to keep.

Does anybody know of a way to do this?  I'm still pretty new to StartIsBack++


Edit: I also just realized- pressing the Windows key brings up the Open-Shell start menu (the one that I want), but clicking on the start menu icon opens the StartIsBack++ start menu.

Open-Shell start menu:

Open-Shell Style.png

StartIsBack++ start menu:

StartIsBack++ Style.png

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To be very clear: The second image shows the type of taskbar items that I want, with the color gradient and rounded corners, as well as the classic Windows 7 start menu icon.  The first image shows the type of start menu itself that I want, courtesy of Open-Shell.

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