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Windows 95OSR2.5 and Windows 98SE officially Dutch updates

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For the Dutch version of Windows 98 SE and Windows 95OSR2.5 I am looking for the Updates that Microsoft has released. Unfortunately, I can no longer download them from Microsoft, because they have taken all updates offline. I can find the updates for the English version on the internet, but unfortunately it doesn't help me. because I'm looking for the Dutch. Who still has these updates somewhere on his PC and wants to share them with me. With great difficulty I have been able to find these 2 updates in Dutch with great difficulty.

245682NL8.EXE This is for when you have 1 ide port switched off in the bios (I have that) then it does not give an exclamation mark in Windows 98 for the other.
263044DUT8.EXE This is for the bug of fdsik that it does not correctly display disks larger than 64gb

I am the most looking for this (273017USA8.EXE this is the English one) I think the Dutch is called 273017DUT8.EXE. This update ensures that if you have a hard disk with a large cache, it takes 2 seconds longer to shut down

Who can help me with this? 

I know there is an Unofficial Service pack with all the updates for the nl version but that service also kills things so I prefer not to install them.

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Well, it seems that all the update contains is an updated IFSMGR.VXD and a couple Registry settings:


AFAIK .vxd's are not "localized" files, so most probably the different language files only differ in the "install program" language.

As a matter of fact on this "updated" page:


the ME fix is "usa only", and I cannot see a reason why the 98 version should be "localized".

The 273017USA8.EXE can be found here:


If I were you I would try the "usa" version on a fresh dutch install (VM) and see what happens.



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