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  1. I am looking for a Dutch XP Professional with Service pack 1 in it should be the volume license edition. It's for my Old Computer. I already have the version with Service pack 2 and 3, but from Service pack 2 Windows xp has become a lot heavier. So that's why I'm looking for 1 that contains Service Pack 1 Who can help me with this ISO
  2. I have tried different Via drivers, but nothing helped. I have the idea that the Nvidia drivers do something that makes them fall back on agp 2x
  3. If I want to play road rash over the network under Windows 95OSR2.5 then he throws me back to the desktop after choosing a driver in Mano A Mano mode. It does not matter whether I choose TCP / IP or IPX / SPX. If I install Windows 98SE on this PC it will work. Who can tell me why Road rash does not work under Windows 95? This is in my PC Processor: Pentium 3 600mhz cache 512KB Moederbord: Asus P2B Videokaart: Nvidia GeForce Ti 4400 Memory: 384MB Geluidskaart: Creative Soundblaster Live 1024 Netwerkaart: Realtek RTL8139D Other Games such as Anno 1602 or Red Alert work great under Windows 95 via the Network on this PC with both TCP / IP and IPX / SPX.
  4. I am looking for Winrar 3.8 Dutch version for my old Windows 95 PC This is the last version that works under Windows 95. the file is called wrar380nl.exe. I have a license. Who can help me with this file.
  5. Thank you very much for this download link. This includes Service Pack 1 in Dutch that I have been looking for for a long time.
  6. I am looking for Office 2000 Service pack 1 Dutch version for my Windows 95 PC. You unfortunately need Service Pack 1 to install Serivce Pack 3. I already have Service Pack 3. The file is called O2KSR1aDL.EXE. I was able to find the English version, but unfortunately not the Dutch. Who can help me with this.
  7. If I install a higher driver from Nvidia for my Geforce 4 ti 4600 on my Windows 98SE PC than version 45.23 then the PC switches back to 2xAGP. I have this driver version 4.38 from Via on it for the AGP port. Others via drivers unfortunately do not help to turn it into 4x agp again. This is My Windows 98SE PC Pentium 3 1400 mhz | Video card: Geforce 4 ti 4600 128mb Memory: 512 MB Memory Motherboard: Shuttle AV18 SCSI adapter: Adaptec 29160N HDD: ST373455LC Sound card: Creative soundblaster live 1024 Here with 56.64 and here with 45.23 Who knows what I can do about this? I need newer drivers from Nvidia for The Sims 2 and 3d mark 2003 to work properly.
  8. Does anyone have these updates also for the Dutch version of Windows 98Se and Windows 95OSR2.5
  9. If I install Unofficially: Windows 98 SE Service Pack 2.0.3 NL, the Sims 2 will work under Windows 98 SE. I think there is something in that update that is not standard in Windows 98SE or something needs to be updated, but what? I want it Unofficially: Windows 98 SE Service Pack 2.0.3 NL does not have it. It makes my PC unstable and does not let some things work properly
  10. 4:3 1024*768. I have try 16 bit and 32bit colour unfortunately no success.
  11. I have installed the CD version of The Sims 2 on my old Windows 98 Se PC. If I want to start it, it immediately gets stuck on a black screen. At that black screen, it should start with the intro video of ea. Under Windows XP he does it on the same PC. The System Requirements also state that he must be able to do it under Windows 98 SE This is in my PC Pentium 3 1400mhz Video card: Geforce ti 4600 128mb Memory: 512 MB Memory Motherboard: Shuttle AV18 Adaptec 29160N SCIS HDD: ST373455LC Sound card: Creative soundblaster live 1024 I have Nvidia driver version 45.23 on it. Newer versions unfortunately did not help either. if I put a newer version on it then Anno 1602 and road rash no longer work. I would like to be able to play this under Windows 98se, because I play more old games on it that do not work well on newer Windows versions than Windows 98 SE. Who knows what goes wrong here?
  12. For the Dutch version of Windows 98 SE and Windows 95OSR2.5 I am looking for the Updates that Microsoft has released. Unfortunately, I can no longer download them from Microsoft, because they have taken all updates offline. I can find the updates for the English version on the internet, but unfortunately it doesn't help me. because I'm looking for the Dutch. Who still has these updates somewhere on his PC and wants to share them with me. With great difficulty I have been able to find these 2 updates in Dutch with great difficulty. 245682NL8.EXE This is for when you have 1 ide port switched off in the bios (I have that) then it does not give an exclamation mark in Windows 98 for the other. 263044DUT8.EXE This is for the bug of fdsik that it does not correctly display disks larger than 64gb I am the most looking for this (273017USA8.EXE this is the English one) I think the Dutch is called 273017DUT8.EXE. This update ensures that if you have a hard disk with a large cache, it takes 2 seconds longer to shut down Who can help me with this? I know there is an Unofficial Service pack with all the updates for the nl version but that service also kills things so I prefer not to install them.

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