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Help me with Nero Burning Rom


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Can anybody help me with Nero? I can't install de spanish language pack in my unattended xp cd :rolleyes:

I use next command line to nero setup \nero6303.exe /silent /sn=xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx /write_sn /no_ui /noreboot and next one to set up the language pack: \nbresp6303.exe /silent but this don't pack nero

If i use /language=Spanish or /language=Español and don't work too

Please help me :)

Thanks :D

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I am using the following without trouble:

@ECHO OFFECHO Installing Nero Burning ROM v6
rem nero    = Nero StartSmart + Nero Burning ROM 6 + Nero Express 6 + Nero BackItUp rem         + Nero Cover Designer + Nero Wave Editor + Nero SoundTrax + Nero Toolkitrem         + Nero Image Drive rem nve     = NeroVision Express + Nero ShowTime + Nero Recoderem NMP     = Nero Media Playerrem NeroMix = NeroMIX
MD "%systemdrive%\Program Files\Ahead"
ECHO --- Registering Nero Burning ROM...REGEDIT /S Registry.reg
ECHO --- Installing StartSmart + Burning ROM 6 + Express 6 + BackItUpECHO              + Cover Designer + Wave Editor + SoundTrax + ToolkitECHO              + Image DriveSTART /wait Nero6316.exe     /silent /norebootECHO     + Language PackSTART /wait NBR6316FRA.exe   /silent /noreboot
ECHO --- Installing Nero Media Player...START /wait NMP14020.exe     /silent /norebootECHO     + Language PackSTART /wait NMP14020fra.exe  /silent /noreboot
ECHO --- Installing NeroMIX...START /wait NeroMIX14020.exe /silent /norebootECHO     + Language PackSTART /wait NMix14020FRA.exe /silent /noreboot
ECHO --- Installing NeroVision Express + Nero ShowTime + Nero Recode...START /wait NVE2120.exe      /silent /norebootECHO     + Language PackSTART /wait NVE2120FRA.exe   /silent /noreboot
ECHO --- Installing Nero WMA Plugin...START /wait WMAPlugin2093.exe /silent /noreboot

with Registry.reg being an export of

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Ahead] and [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Ahead\Nero - Burning Rom]
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Thanks mde¡ :rolleyes:

But i'm searchig something more easy

like start /wait nbr6303esp.exe /silent /language=????

What is the use of command language? Why doesn't work silent instalation of nero language pack? And if i add any entries to registry? :)

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Why would you like to have

start /wait nbr6303esp.exe /silent /language=????

because the file is already rated as Spanish (ESP)?!

Why is it more easy to add /language=...?

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This is a part of my command file:

ECHO Instalando Nero Burning Rom Por favor, espera start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Nero\Nero6303.exe /silent /sn=xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx/write_sn /no_ui /norebootECHO.ECHO Parcheando NeroECHO Por favor, espera start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Nero\Nbr6303esp.exe /silent /language=Spanish /no_ui

Why nbr6303esp.exe doesn't update my nero to Spanish?

For me, it is more easy install nero whit 5 or 6 lines that install whit all of ur code. Can you understand me?

What is the parameter of command "/language" Do you know this?

Thank mdes and sorry me for my bad english :)

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start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Nero\Nbr6303esp.exe /silent /language=Spanish /no_ui

Nbr6303esp is Spanish (because it contains ESP in its name), so I think that /language=Spanish is not required, and perhaps is an error (is THE error causing you troubles?)

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Problem is that if i install nero without command line parameters, it installs in Spanish language, but if i add some command line parameters, language installation get no changes, so i think i need to add the /language parameter to change that settings again.

I've tried to use this command with words like "spanish" "español" "esp" "es" "sp"... but still havin' the same problem.

Should i try another .exe version?

do you know where can i get the exhaustive command line parameter list or a /language command complete description?

should i try to apply language command on nero's installator or in nero's update file?

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I'm having the same problem... the pack seems to be installed, but when clicking file -> preferences there's only English. :)

It seems the .nls and .chm files are not copied to the nero folder

The problem is not in the /language parameter. this is designed for the complete languagepack containing ALL languages

As a temporarily workaround I use AutoIt to install it.

Until I find a better solution this works fine for me..

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I would like to install silently only Nero Burning ROM 6.x.x.xx - I don't want to install any of the other applications : BackItUp, Cover Designer, Express, ImageDrive, SoundTrax, Wave Editor and toolkit and SmartStart.

Does anybody know if switches exits to select which modules to install and to exclude others.

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To all those who are having troubles with installing in their language, I do it like this:

1. download the newest Nero from nero.com AND the language pack you need

2. install it like this:

nero6xxx.exe /SILENT /NOREBOOT

nerolangpack.exe /SILENT /NOREBOOT

works fine for me...

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I had this problem too, but I corrected this. I unpack languagepack file, and I repack this with winrar. I repack all files except setup.exe and setup folder. I create new sfx archive with winrar and it's all ok.


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