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  1. hi! Can you add this option: For each patches list I've selected, you can remember the folder where i've download the patch. thank's for your answer.
  2. Sorry for my question... I've find how to add a list. I've don't see that the UL files can be launch. Thank's
  3. Hello! I'm a newbie with WUD and I don't know where you add the ulz file to see in list? I've three lists DL and I want add this to WUD for DL all update. Thank you for all...
  4. boeur

    A little XP SP2

    This tweak is for Windows XP, but I applie this idea for SP2 of Windows XP. I win 13Mo but I think I can win more... Sorry i'm not very good in english...
  5. Hi, I've seen that in the XP SP2 a lot of Folders are not important! Win9Xmig Win9Xupg Winntupg Lang So if i drop this folders, I can reduce the size of my SP2 I've extract the SP2 with Winrar but I don't no what is options to compact the result folder... If you have an idea, I'm interesting!
  6. Hi! I search the silent switch for this soft, If you know?! Thank's you!
  7. No! I tried it and it's OK!!! I don't no that the capital is important... Thank's very much
  8. I've test this switch but it doesn't work. I test /s ; /silent ; /q ; -s Nothing! Thank's
  9. Hi everybody! All is in the title... I don't no what are switches for a silent install of Photophiltre!
  10. I'm very stupid!!!! If I make ActiveSmart.exe /?, i've a little help for silent install!!! the switch for this is: /Q
  11. I dont no! When I launche the install, I must be choose a directory but I don't see if all files go to this directory! But in the ActiveSmart.exe I've just one Setup.exe You think that it's just a copy files?!
  12. Hi! I've a little soft, active smart, for my S-ATA hard drive. I want to install it on silent mode. If you've an idea... Thank's every body!
  13. I search the color code for change the text: dynamic update,... If you've got an idea...
  14. In your Commands file I see that: REGEDIT /S %systemdrive%\install\Run.reg But your reg file is called: runonce.reg
  15. I want to now what is the correspondance of values in the string section in the Winntbbu.dll...? Thank's every body!

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