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  1. Problem is that if i install nero without command line parameters, it installs in Spanish language, but if i add some command line parameters, language installation get no changes, so i think i need to add the /language parameter to change that settings again. I've tried to use this command with words like "spanish" "español" "esp" "es" "sp"... but still havin' the same problem. Should i try another .exe version? do you know where can i get the exhaustive command line parameter list or a /language command complete description? should i try to apply language command on nero's installator or in nero's update file?
  2. This is a part of my command file: ECHO Instalando Nero Burning Rom Por favor, espera start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Nero\Nero6303.exe /silent /sn=xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx/write_sn /no_ui /norebootECHO.ECHO Parcheando NeroECHO Por favor, espera start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Nero\Nbr6303esp.exe /silent /language=Spanish /no_uiWhy nbr6303esp.exe doesn't update my nero to Spanish? For me, it is more easy install nero whit 5 or 6 lines that install whit all of ur code. Can you understand me? What is the parameter of command "/language" Do you know this? Thank mdes and sorry me for my bad english
  3. Thanks mde¡ But i'm searchig something more easy like start /wait nbr6303esp.exe /silent /language=???? What is the use of command language? Why doesn't work silent instalation of nero language pack? And if i add any entries to registry?
  4. Hi¡ Can anybody help me with Nero? I can't install de spanish language pack in my unattended xp cd I use next command line to nero setup \nero6303.exe /silent /sn=xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx /write_sn /no_ui /noreboot and next one to set up the language pack: \nbresp6303.exe /silent but this don't pack nero If i use /language=Spanish or /language=Español and don't work too Please help me Thanks
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