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Desperately seeking for an c++-coder to bring discord voicechats to Miranda and thus to XP

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Hey guys, sorry but I wasn't sure where this is to post and what, normally I never use forums as I'm blind and the modern web is an extremely big challenge for me. Actually, the maintainer of Miranda NG, (an multi protocol messenger that works on Windows XP), told me that if he gets a secondary c++-coder they could implement discord-voicechat into Miranda NG till Juli. While I know that this is more Miranda NG-related than XP-related, still it would be an extremely awesome help for every XP-user needing, or wanting to run discord. Furthermore, as we finally lost skype 7, we really should get some decent groupcall-capable IM-Platform. so, if anyone has the time and will to help on this, please contact me!

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