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Problem integrating kb4489973 from 2019-03

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Hi, I have problem with integrating kb4489973 from 2019-03 batch. Its supposed to update files msado15.dll, msado28.tlb and throws error about unsupported installation. Previous file version comes from update kb2698365. If I dont integrate kb2698365, then kb4489973 integrates fine. But kb2698365 updates also other files.

I am normally using nlite, but tried to manually integrate just those two KBs to see what the issue might be. Installing kb4489973 on live system works fine.

Any thoughts?

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6 hours ago, marv said:

If I dont integrate kb2698365, then kb4489973 integrates fine. But kb2698365 updates also other files.

MS12-045 KB2698365 was for MDAC 2.8SP1, I seem to recall that for W2K builds this did not always integrate well with other MDAC updates, though I was not using nlite. I wouldn't be surprised if a similar issue exist with the XP version too. Are you able to integrate just this one by itself? If so perhaps close the nlite session, then start a second session for kb4489973? There may be a post by tomasz86 or bristols on the W2K and/or hotstream board about this...

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Running nlite again with just kb4489973 doesnt do anything. It wont print any error, but doesnt update files, identical to what happens when I slipstream them all at once. Trying to manually slipstream kb4489973 using /integrate switch prints that error

An error occured while attempting to integrate this software update package. Verify that the architecture, language, and service pack level of this softwareupdate are valid for the target distribution folder.

Same thing when applying just these two updates to clean sp3 iso. kb4034044 which is update that kb4489973 replaced, behaves same. Interestingly, when I try to slipstream them in reverse order, kb2698365 ends with same error.

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I figured what the issue is, when I enabled logging for KB4489973, there is error saying that KB2698365 has to be switched from GDR to QFE branch. Anyone knows how to do it?

0.000: Package Type:  BRANCHING
2.297: Reinventory is required for KB2698365:  SP3GDR -> SP3QFE
2.656: AddFilesToDosNet: target file path () does not contain root path (D:\slipstream\xp\)
2.656: IntegrateHotfix:  Error 0x54f while integrating hotfix KB4489973.
2.812: Hotfix Integration failed with error 0x54f


or another approach would be ignoring KB2698365 because GDR branch installs only msado15.dll which is replaced by KB4489973 anyway.


edit: appears problem is solved, its possible to force QFE branch from KB2698365 using switch /b:SP3QFE and KB4489973 then slipstreams fine.

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My result:

In normal order, nlite gives warning about 4489973 saying like "cannot direct integrate, that msado28.tlb is not in the ISO", and ask whether to use regular integration. Answering yes seems works. The result is 2698365 and 4489973 both copied to \svcpack for running. nlite does not give warning about 2698365, although it is not directly integrated either. Same thing happens to 952069, 954155, 973540, 975558, 978695, 2803821. There are other two KBs that nlite cannot direct integrate and gives warning, 2900986 and 3033890.

Although nlite can integrate them using "regular" method, I hope "direct" method could be used. It will save lots of space.

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