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VLC has started dropping XP support with version 4


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Bit of necro,

So I just found VLC 3(.0.3) crashes when trying to play a H265 encoded video. libx265_plugin.dll contains NT6-specific kernel32.dll calls. The program crashes whenever that plugin dll is loaded on demand.

Here is a great summery by gho421 on this particular issue, with XP API-tests for the other plugins as well. Showing these for version 2.2.2 up to 3.0.10.


Now I can imagine tricks like: plugin re-compiles, kernel-ex wrappers, mix-and-match of files of different VLC versions. But for the time being the safest bet is to stick with VLC v2.2.1 on Windows XP. Yes it plays H265 without crashing.

EDIT: below a copy of gho421's report on v.3.0.10


access\liblibbluray_plugin.dll[127][strtok_s not in msvcrt.dll. ]
audio_output\libmmdevice_plugin.dll[127][InitializeConditionVariable not in KERNEL32.dll. ]
audio_output\libwasapi_plugin.dll[127][InitOnceExecuteOnce not in KERNEL32.dll. ]
codec\libd3d11va_plugin.dll[127][CreateMutexExW not in KERNEL32.dll. ]
codec\libdav1d_plugin.dll[127][AcquireSRWLockExclusive not in KERNEL32.dll. ]
codec\libx265_plugin.dll[127][GetNumaNodeProcessorMaskEx not in KERNEL32.dll. ]
d3d11\libdirect3d11_filters_plugin.dll[127][CreateMutexExW not in KERNEL32.dll. ]
video_output\libdirect3d11_plugin.dll[127][CreateMutexExW not in KERNEL32.dll. ]


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