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[?]How to bring back Display\Screen Resolution to ControlPanel


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Well here is some info about creating items in Control Panel


And the CLSID list for some objects in Windows 10:


On Windows 7 Pro, running explorer shell:::{C555438B-3C23-4769-A71F-B6D3D9B6053A} will launch the Display panel, but on Windows 10 Enterprise 1803 it gives an error. So perhaps in 1803 it is different than on that site and you would have to dig abour in the registry to find the correct CLSID. :unsure:

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4 hours ago, aviv00 said:

Hey how it can be done ?
any ideas are welcome

On your desktop, right click in a blank area and choose "New" and then "Shortcut".   In the dialog box that appears enter     "ms-settings:screenrotation"

without the quotation marks.   Once this is entered, click "Next" at the bottom right and then enter a name for the shortcut of your own choosing.   Maybe "display settings"?

You then click "finish" and you will have a shortcut on your desktop to immediately open the display settings that are part of the control panel.   You can also "Pin" this shortcut to your start menu and delete the desktop shortcut if you so choose or keep both.   I hope this is what you are looking for?


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