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Bug when playing full screen video

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StartIsBack is a great program but there is a small bug that is annoying when watching full screen video.  I'm using YouTube as an example, but this happens with any website that allows you to play video.

If there is a small gap between the web browser and the Windows Taskbar then everything is fine:


If I watch the video in full screen mode the video fills the entire screen, and there is no Windows Taskbar:


But, if I make the browser window larger so that it is touching the Windows Taskbar (that's how I normally have it) when I switch to full screen mode, the video doesn't quite fill the screen.  I can see a little bit of the desktop on the left and right edges, and at the bottom of the screen the Windows Taskbar stays there:


Not a major bug, but annoying.  This does not happen if I am not using StartIsBack.

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