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Android RNDIS driver


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Trying to set up a XP x64 machine but i cant have a internet connection with it because i dont have regular internet like others.Even no WI-FI!(please dont ask why).So i have a copy of RNDIS  driver that works on XP 32 bit.I tried it on xp x64 and it failed to install.Anyways my problem is that i need an Android RNDIS driver that works on XP x64:P


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The driver is already present on XP, but the INF file to set it up is only included out-of-the-box on Vista+. Copy this to Notepad, name the file wceisvista.inf and save to C:\Windows\INF:

; Remote NDIS based Internet Sharing device Setup File
; Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation
; WceIsVista.INF -- This is the inf installation script for 
;                   RNDIS-over-USB host driver for Intenet Sharing device.

Signature           = "$Windows NT$"
Class               = Net
ClassGUID           = {4d36e972-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}
Provider            = %Microsoft%

%Microsoft%          = WindowsCeDevices,NTx86,NTamd64

%WindowsCeDevice%    = RNDIS.NT.5.1, USB\Class_E0&SubClass_01&Prot_03

%WindowsCeDevice%    = RNDIS.NT.5.1, USB\Class_E0&SubClass_01&Prot_03


; Windows LH specific sections -----------------------------------

Characteristics = 0x84   ; NCF_PHYSICAL + NCF_HAS_UI
BusType         = 15
include         = netrndis.inf
needs           = Usb_Rndis.ndi

include     = netrndis.inf
needs       = Usb_Rndis.ndi.Services

; no sys copyfiles - the sys files are already in place

Microsoft             = "Microsoft Corporation"
WindowsCeDevice       = "Remote NDIS based Internet Sharing Device"

Then try to get Device Manager to install it. If all goes well, it'll only complain about unsigned driver.

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Another way to add the RNDIS driver is to install e.g. Active Sync 4.5
After installing WinXP has detected a new device RNDIS as Windows Mobile-based Internet Sharing Device

or, manually extract the .msi file in CMD:

msiexec /a "activesync_4.5.msi"

and indicate the path to the driver when connecting a smartphone and enabling USB tethering.


P.S. WceIsVista.INF adds a device called Remote NDIS based Internet Sharing Device

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