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HDPI screen + LDPI screen

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I'm using a laptop with 4K screen. I have two LDPI external monitors attached. The start menu on the laptop screen looks fine, but on the external monitor, it is totally blown out of proportions.

The context menu is gigantic, and doesn't even fit on screen. Some icons are blown up, while the rest stays normal, making it look "broken".

Please compare the attached screenshots. One is on my "normal" LDPI monitor, and the other is on my built-in HDPI screen. Also note that the number of displayed items is different, which is weird. I promise I didn't change any settings (or did anything, really!) in between making these screenshots.

Also note that when I'm using *only* a normal LDPI screen, the start menu looks fine. No problems there.

This is StartIsBack++ 2.7.2 on Windows 10 (10.0.17134.407).



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I also have the gigantic context menu issue and Orbs are mismatched size)

Using a surface book with 3000x2000 res and two standard 1080p monitors.

Is there a fix?

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This is still happening on two 4K screens with different zoom factors.

One is at 250%, and the other at 200%. On the latter one, context menus are bigger - only for SIB++.

As for other native explorer context menus (e.g. rightclicking the taskbar), they look normal.

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