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Beware of Office 2010 Updates!

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Yes, looks good. Now try to uninstall Office 2010 SP2 and try the scan again, if you want.

EDIT: Works fine here without Office 2010 SP2:

EDIT2: Seems you have a newer version of MiniTool. Is this the latest working version for WinXP?


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Glad my setup looks OK.
As my copy of Office 2010 is fully up to date up to and including the updates which were rolled out last month and the month before after support was supposedly ended, I'm not really very keen to now uninstall SP2 and potentially have to reinstall about 50 post SP2 updates!
I have to say that I'm not at all disputing what you're saying, but I can't think of a single reason why WSUS would work without Office 2010 SP2 installed, but won't work with it installed.
If it was an update to Windows itself it would perhaps make sense, but the presence or absence of an Office update shouldn't make any difference at all to the OS update mechanism.
This is very strange behaviour indeed.

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I gave it up now, my plan is to install all updates beside SP2 and install SP2 after that. Are there any updates for SP2 which I could miss? I also don't want updates with the incompatible MSO.DLL.  WSUS seems to install Office 2010 updates until 2016 despite the absence of SP2.

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At the end of October, I did a new installation of Office 2010 onto my netbook, which is running 32 bit Windows 10.
11 updates were offered after the base install, including SP2.
After I installed those, another 63 updates were offered post SP2.
You can see the list here.
Despite the supposed end of support, there have been another 10 updates offered since I did that, they are listed in my posts later in that thread.

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Another four updates this month!

KB4493181 (Office)
KB4493186 (Excel)
KB4493145 (Word)
KB4493143 (Office)

Not bad for something that was supposed to be out of support months ago!

EDIT: Just to add there is also KB4493142, but that does not seem to apply to my system.

No MSO.DLL replacement this month.

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Another two updates this month!
KB4493179 (PowerPoint)
KB4493180 (Office)

KB4493180 contains another XP incompatible version of MSO.DLL, so will need the earlier version restored to keep things working.
This must be the longest running "end of support" ever!

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