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  1. Before the comments loaded without do anything at the bottom. I think (remembering) the"Comentarios" only show the numbers of comments, not clickable. Well, i will check with my laptop windows 10 to see if it's ok. Thanks.
  2. Hm... i don't know why, but some time ago (actually) i can't see some images and load the comments on this page: 3djuegos.com. I use Mypal (a little outdated) and Basilisk (serpernt roytam) XP updated to last version and create clean profile to test. Reddit the same, can't load "view the entire discussion". Any hint or browser to use?
  3. What package contain the last MSO.dll incompatible? I'm going to integrate the updates and want to avoid the pack containing that mso.dll (to avoid replace after installation). Thanks for the work by reporting the incompatibilities. Edit: KB4504703 contain the MSO.dll

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