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Your fav version of Windows 9x?


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For me it is Tough Call between Windows 98 SE and Windows ME. 


Pros of Windows ME vs 98 se:

Faster boot up time (literally a few seconds on my computer!)

System Restore

Good USB support (I know this can be added to Windows 98 se)

I like the auto completeing functions in Windows Explorer that is on ME.

I think the TCP/IP stack is more stable.

I like the menu affects

the bad:

No restart to dos.

The Unofficial Service pack seems screwed up on Windows ME... The latest doesn't even install the main updates!

It seems the unofficial support of Windows 98 SE is overall better vs Windows ME.


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26 minutes ago, Destro said:

welp since all of the stuff that the OP mentioned can be transplanted on 98se with 98se2me than 98se is clearly the best. 

I disagree you still don't get the fast boot using the  WindowsME/98 Hack and you also lose the ability to restart windows in dos mode on 98SE when using these files. And What about the Windows Explorer additions?

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In ME you are losing booting to DOS instead of windows.   Thats why it boots faster.  It's not a good trade off imo.  In 98s if you just want to use DOS you can use it.  You don't need to restart in ms dos mode, which you can't do in ME anyways. without a custom boot loader.  If you are gonna use a custom boot loader in ME to work around that than the same rules apply to doing the same in 98se.  IMO the only reason to use 9x is because of DOS.  ME cripples DOS support.


If you don't care about having all the features on ME on 98 there is always 98 lite and the ability to use the 95 Shell which is so much faster on older hardware,  all in all the support for 98se by programs such as 98lite, make it a better OS.

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