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Compiling "Building" Webkit on Windows is that really all/would it work?!

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First I must say Im not into programming(anymore). And never really saw a line of code thats used for webkit compiling.

I recently got hands of this version of Webkit "WebKit-SVN-r131444".I dont know if someone here ever compiled webkit for windows or another platform ever.

So if I get no answer Im not disappointed.

I found this online sites mentioning how to "build with webkit on windows"



I linked to an version of the webkit homepage thats only available on the webarchive.org because the same instruction isnt accessible anymore. 

I would have a lot of questions probably as I never tried a thing like that. But the most important one for me is just one:

Is it really possible with these descriptions to build compile a webkit version like the one I mentioned above?

I think the version I would use is from 2012.


What I want to try is to compile it and see what operating systems would be able to use the compiled files. Theres also a "minibrowser.exe" file in the archive.

Just that you know why Im asking this.

It sure is alot of time to prepare and compile that stuff. Since I dont want to waste the time when maybe the missing of one program /tool /file necessary command required could spoil it all im just asking now.

Since the webkit homepage from now doesnt provide any tutorials for Webkit on Windows anymore, knowing if this is actually possible is very important for my decision to try it out.

So if someone has ever tried a thing like this or knows the tutorials /or webkit ,I would be happy to read about the things that come to your mind.

I know this is a long comment but really only my question is from importance.


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Thanks for your input, downloading cygwin will take more space and probably time than I had expected. And I will have to try that all on a "test" system.

Some of the tutorials even implied to turn off anti-virus, so thats the best way to do it would say. Luckily the webarchive still stores the instructions. 

Once I get more time I wll continue on the webkit building/compiling. Its a thing I havent tried before so will be either fun or frustrating but a new experience in either case.

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