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No MSINFO32 in nLite XP


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I just discovered today, while trying to troubleshoot something, that my system doesn't have MSINFO32.

I am wondering what options did I have selected in nLite that would have removed this?

Is there a way to install MSINFO32 now, without having to create a new ISO and reinstall my OS?

Thanks in advance

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Find msinfo32.in_ in your source, expand it (I use Universal Extractor, it is also possible with command line) and you'll see what is needed. It's quite simple. I think (I'm not sure) you can right click it and install it. You'd need to provide MSINFO32.EX_ too (whether expanded or not, I don't know). It is located at the same place as MSINFO32.IN_. I don't see other files mentioned in the .inf file, but there are some with similar names (.dll). Maybe you'd need to provide them as well, or they are already present in \windows\system32 (Nlite doesn't remove them?).

Another way would be to put expanded MSINFO32.EXE directly into \windows\system32 and hope for the best. Maybe try regsvr32 msinfo32.exe in the command line (and also provide the .dll if it isn't already present and try that line on it too).

I'm not on XP right now, but looking at my preset I can't see it (but then, I didn't remove it there). I think it was called "System Information" or something.



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