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  1. Msinfo32 it's a useless if a Everest/HWiNFO will be better. In a outside .nfo it's a fit of a Notepad's not a Stock Information as this app (Msinfo32)
  2. If you want "Native DOS compatibile" just buy "Asus 1225B" {1drv.ms/w/s!AvDTuItArEK7miAO1G9q5NLuYw4K} 4GB DDR3 it's a max of a "Windows XP x32 without PAE"
  3. + Keep it: "DirectX and OpenGL" - Without "DirectX and OpenGL" that's not will be same OS. ----- + For 32bit OS will be Useful,For 64bit OS can be Remove anyway as 32bit Addition only: Windows Picture and Fax Viewer [shimgvw.dll] ----- + For Minimalism Useless: * Windows Sounds [Without Sound better] * DirectX Diagnostics Tool [if be have's a Advanced Diagnostics as AIDA or Everest: Fine.] ----- + Useless for Now,but Can be keep: * WMP: Windows Media Player Windows Media Player 6.4 1. Other: Acm Core Codecs 2. For IE Browser: [If be Browser will be remove can be Remove this too...] Active X for Streaming Video Information: If you want to play with Multi-format: VLC or SMPlayer can be work better. [WebM: Can be play on to Web Browser - eg. Google Chrome 49/Firefox] * Media Center Information: If be doesn't have a "Media Center Edition" Remove if be shown as "Home/Pro" * Movie Maker Information: Good for Amateurs but That's can be replace with Better "Non-linears editors" * Speech Support Information: Sample textor and One-Popular Narrator. Depend. but If be will minimalist: Remove. ----- + Aboslutely useless: AOL ART Image Format Support - "WebP" does better for Now than This. Useless even of Normal workouts. Images and Backgrounds - Only "Idylla" will be keeped,Wallpapers can be place on to "Windows/Web/Wallpaper" Simple. Go Ahead - That's safe. Intel Indeo Codecs - Some Renders as "VirtualDub" Viewed useless codec. Absolutely useless. Luna Theme - Aboslutely bored theme. If be uxtheme will be unlocked can be replace with Better theme than this. Mouse Cursors - "Standard > milionsfraudsspamspixels" Music Samples - "Crash of "Player Car" from "City Connection" [NES,Mini game] > Useless music as a this example" Tablet PC - Doesn't be changed. Go ahead. Old CD Player and Sound Recorder - Audacity can be does better.
  4. @CamTron ATI Radeon 9550xl 256 MB My tips for Resolve: Try with Nvidia GeForce 6200 LE/7300 GT - That's would be better than ATi,due: Nvidia Driver's would be more Stabilize for Oldest OS than ATi Driver's Seriously. When If you will be update BIOS that's not would be broke Motheboard. When Some ASRock/ASUS/Gigabyte BIOS would be more Stables than a WinFast (I tried at Newest from AM2 Motheboard from 2007. I don't recommend.)
  5. @VistaLover Even with x64 (as "installer_win64") will be works on Download binary. [<string>: va5qxmf7d3oalefqdjoubnamxboyf9zt3o6zj33pzo2r3adq2cjea9an8hhc6tje8y4jiieqsruld9oyajv9i6atj40utl3hpl2 - Source of String: cnbeta.com/articles/490591.htm]
  6. When if Update from April are be Last for Windows XP - That's a last caught x64 build it's from wolyss whatever. Source,if They are be like at a 32bit or 64bit Source Package: https://storage.googleapis.com/chromium-browser-official/chromium-49.0.2623.112-lite.tar.xz [Lite for Desktop|422MB - Source of Find: gsdview.appspot.com/chromium-browser-official] How to Build with Visual Basic 2015: https://github.com/henrypp/chromium/blob/master/building_chromium_gyp.md (But I am sure that's not changed for Windows XP.) Revision build [chromium-browser-continuous]: 369725 {Source from: chromium174.rssing.com/chan-32546564/all_p19.html}
  7. @galahs: 7zip are be unsupported since 9.32 alpha (ADVAPI32 depend) 9.30 is a Last for Windows 98 SE Otherwise for Foobar2000 does includes with Special Version (0.8.3)
  8. Respond for: msfn.org/board/topic/138551-nlite-component-removal-list-what-tonot-to-remove Subject: How it's goes much to be lite on x64? 1. nLite [List for Removes|on to .ini] - Improves in compare from Respond: dll's|Cons: Only Workstation doesn't works. Importants questions: "IE Engine" are be keeped. When don't be worred about a corrupts whatever. "Windows Media Player" are be removed. In today's times are be used on to Silverlight or HTML5. "Workstation" are be removed but That's not Problem if you Use on to VirtualBox. Otherwise Keeps of DLL's are be Welcomed on Repost. 2. ISO slipstream list [List for KB's Updates of One-Makes Lite's.] 3. Removes on to After Install [List to Removes after Install|Very useful if you Use SSD with Hardware TRIM] 4. Tutorial for Keep's. [important Keeps for a This Session|Useful for Diagnose.] 5. HP's Printers/Scanners Registry. [as For Smart Card Keep' - of Course.] Additions for Question: Realtek Ethernet [Driver_XP_5820_11222013.zip|Can be find on to Google.] AMD/Intel SATA: Fernando (Mod version are be Recommended') Short FAQ: What's it's is: Manual Tutorial [Not-Full Auto. Remember it.] What's it's not: Full-of-update Trash on DVD. [Only Minimalistic rule. No to elsewhere of 1,2GB's Trash Additions.] Responds are be welcome. Here: nLite Session with List of Removes/Changes ISO Slipstream List Manual removes of After Setup,can be use even of a 32bit Keep files for Easy-way to Diagnose SmartCard Broke Registry if be doesn't works What can be Replace on to Newest Standards of 2016
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