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Windows 10 1507 (10.0.10240)


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Hello everyone,

Right now, I am using Windows 10 1507 on my PC. The enterprise version of this OS is part of the LTSB branch. Will this mean that build 10240 will get updates for a long time (10 years or something like that), or does it mean that I have to upgrade to 14393 (1607) LTSB to get updates?

If 10240 is indeed getting updates for years, maybe we are able to download them from the Update Catalog, and also install them on Home & Pro versions. If this is working, we don't have to upgrade to the latest build of Windows 10 all the time.


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I too have 10240 enterprise version of windows and I got my computer forced update to 14393 twice last week. I reinstalled my  old os but before I got a chance to hide "the prepering file for 1607" it did start one more upgrade and I find my self, next morning, looking at the happy sign; "we updated your computer".  Really, really frustrating!

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Hi Mike 

And why not trying to reinstall your 10240 with unplugged internet and wifi disabled ? 

Since windows 10 RTM I use 2 tools I find very useful to block updates and run before connecting after reinstall  



If I choose to enable both I have no pb to keep running my anniversary update but it's also working for previous builds ( 10240 - 1511 ) 

I tested Creator update but it seem this major update breaks something and enable again microsoft updates 

Hope it helps 

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The LTSB version of Windows 10 1507 will be supported for 10 years, is stated on https://blog.juriba.com/windows-10-branching-timeline

Maybe it is possible to download the LTSB updates from the Update Catalog and install them on Home & Pro versions? We will see after May 9. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4015562/windows-10-version-1507-will-no-longer-receive-security-updates


Source: https://blog.juriba.com/windows-10-branching-timeline

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Support for Windows 10 RTM (1507) has ended on May 9, 2017. Only the LTSB version will continue to get security updates. Those updates are available to download from the Microsoft Update Catalog. I will install those updates on the consumer version of 1507 in the coming days, to see if it works. If it works, we are able to stay on the same Windows 10 release until 2025, and then we don't have to upgrade to new major releases which break things, and set your settings to default.

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