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Windows 7 / Cloned HDD / Won't Boot /Raw


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1. I booted up (Clone Drive) C: and E: only and get an error 

file: \Boot\BCD

Status: 0xc000000f

Info: An error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data. 

2. I booted up (Clone Drive) D: only and get error 

Bootmgr is missing 

3. I tried booting up with (Clone Drive) D: and (Clone Drive) C: and E: I get to the screen that says Windiws 7 Home Premium; but, it just flickers non stop  and doesn't get to the login screen. 

4. When I use (Clone Drive) D: and (Original Drive) C: and E: my computer boots up with no issues. 

5. My goal is to clone (Original Drive) C: and E: and get the clone drive to boot up. 

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#1. and  #2. are "as expected", as said, it is not "normal" (but if it is a choice of yours, it is good of course :)) to have the Boot and System volumes on two different disk drives, it would make more sense to have the first disk (the one with C: and E:, both the "original" and the "clone") to be self-standing, this would also allow to clear DosDevices in the Registry, should the issue be connected with the Disk Signature (the fact that when you had both the "original" and the "clone" connected the "clone" was put offline should mean that the signatures are the same, but you never know).

At the time you had both the "original" and the "clone" connected, did you see in Disk Management a message *like* this one?


Personally I would run a BCDBOOT command and have the BOOTMGR and \boot\BCD on the C: volume, but as long as you have both disks connected the thing should work.

I would also check the disk signatures of the "original" and of the "clone" disks, but the "flickering" in case #3. above is not a "common" symptom, it may still mean that the clone was not successful, i.e. that some file(s) on the "cloned" C: volume is/are corrupted.

Problem is that it won't be easy to find that/those files :(.

Can you try (with "cloned" C: and E: and "cloned " D: only) the other options (pressing F8 when it boots up)?

Try both "Safe mode with command prompt" and "Enable boot logging", maybe the PC boots or at least shows where the issue might be.

Otherwise you can try to "repair" the "cloned" C:, do you have a suitable Windows 7 install DVD?

To check the disk signatures (just in case), you could use as well a PE (the one in boot.wim on the install DVD should do) and diskpart (detail disk will output disk ID, and 7 if I recall correctly has also the uniqueid command).






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