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  1. 1. I booted up (Clone Drive) C: and E: only and get an error file: \Boot\BCD Status: 0xc000000f Info: An error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data. 2. I booted up (Clone Drive) D: only and get error Bootmgr is missing 3. I tried booting up with (Clone Drive) D: and (Clone Drive) C: and E: I get to the screen that says Windiws 7 Home Premium; but, it just flickers non stop and doesn't get to the login screen. 4. When I use (Clone Drive) D: and (Original Drive) C: and E: my computer boots up with no issues. 5. My goal is to
  2. Two hard drives are the same and the third is different. I resolved the RAW issue. But, I now encounter a 0xc000000e error when I attempt to boot up with with Disk 3 (clone hard drive) of Disk 0 (original hard drive).
  3. Disk 2 is (original drive) this HDD is going bad. Disk 4 is (clone of Disk 2) When I remove Disk 2 (original) and try too boot up using Disk 4 (clone) I get error 0xc000000e Does anybody have a solution? Thanks in advance. I did double check the bios.
  4. Yes. I agree with you. You are correct. I was just trying to clear up that the Disk 1 (original drive) is 250G as you stated. I did clone that one to a new 1TB drive. I am trying to clone Disk 0 (original drive) again. It seems to be an issue with the :C drive.
  5. I was never able to boot up with the cloned disk 3 drive. The :c partition was seen as raw. Once again I was not able to recover it wit AOMEI recovery partition. Disk 0 (original drive) is the drive which I have an issue with when I cloned it with clonezilla. The cloned drive in diagram was Disk 3 (cloned drive). I believe it's due to bad sectors in the :c partition. I will attempt another clone with AOMEI backupper. I stand corrected on Disk 1 being 250G. The cloned Disk 1 drive works perfectly. Disk 2 is the 500G drive and I have done nothing with that one. We can ignore t
  6. The hard drives are WD1003FZEX. I tried AOMEI partition recovery and that was unsuccessful. I am going to attempt another clone of the drive that has :C and :E partitions with AOMEI Backupper. I have come to the conclusion that the :C partition did not clone properly due to bad sectors. The :E partition seems fine. I may just do the entire drive instead of that one partition. Thanks in advance for any suggestions or recommendations.
  7. My original drives are Disk 0 and Disk 1. Disk 1 is the original 500G and it cloned with no issues to a 1TB drive. I wanted more storage space. Disk 0 is original drive. This is the drive which I cloned and the cloned drive will not boot up. The diagram shows the cloned drive of Disk 0 which is seen as Disk 3 offline. I plugged it in because otherwise it's not possible to see in disk management because it will not boot up. When I replaced Disk 0 with cloned drive and try to boot up I get error 0xc000000f In the other diagram posted it's seen as a Raw file. I hope
  8. I was told if I do chkdsk /r /f d: and that it would convert Raw to NTFS. But, it states file system is NTFS even though it is listed as Raw. I think this the reason that I am not able to boot up into the new WD HDD 1TB because it's Raw. Windiws 7 x64 i have two hard drives cloned. One of them has two partitions. On the computer before cloning via clonezilla I had :C and :E on one drive and the second new hard drive I cloned D. Therefore, in the picture Data D actually has data cloned from the D drive ; but is listed under letter C. The data from the C drive was named Program
  9. I need some assistance and I hope somebody can assist me. I cloned two hard drives via clonezilla because one of those hard drives has bad sectors. I have Windows 7 64 bit. The original hard drives still work even though one of them has the bad sectors. The cloned hard drives will not boot. I get the message error File: \Boot\BCD Status: 0xc000000f Info: An error occurred while trying to read the boot configuration data. I attempted some solutions that I saw on a few other threads; but, I have had no success. The system recovery options shows. Oper
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