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Windows XP 64 bit nliting questions...

Rho Borg

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Hello MSFN members...

Im a bit of a "N00b" when it comes to using nlite in Windows XP 32 bit edition, let alone 64 bit edition,and have a question (or 2);will/does nlite work for Windows XP 64 bit edition as a "source",and what is the difference in system folder structure between 32 bit & 64 bit XP "sources" that can be "nlited"...so to speak??

FYI...I only do this slipstreaming,customizing of Windows XP via nLite or Windows 7 for personal (read:OS Hobbyist!:cool:),non commercial use(ahem:angel)!!

Thanks in advance for any,all replies!!

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Although there are differences in the CD layout for an XP x64 source (mainly an extra amd64 folder) there are largely transparent to the end user.

Work can be done on XP x64 on a 32-bit host with the exception that SP2 needs some tricks to be slipstreamed and some hofixes won't integrate (5eraph's works fine though).

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Those that won't integrate are placed into the SVCPACK folder. I've collected all of Kurt's list and integrated into an XP 64 with SP2 (pre-Integrated) on a Server 2003 x86 with nLite and tested the install on Server 2008 R2 Virtual (it runs x64, unlike older Windows VM's) then installed all optional Add/Remove. I found that only one fix was missing (can't remember offhand what it was). Please note that I integrated nothing more than Security (e.g. no dotNet). It weighs in beyond a CD capacity so you'll need a DVD.

BTW, thanks, Kurt. Took me a while to unscramble your dotNet explanation, though. I'll try to test again (time permitting) and find that other update and post in your XP Updates topic. ;)

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