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Firefox 50.0.2 not installing


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That's good news! :yes: Then the problem is the virtual processor your hypervisor is showing to FF does not support SSE2.
In this case all you need to do is to find out how to configure your hypervisor to show a newer virtual processor (one that supports SSE2). Now, as to how exactly do you do that, it depends on which hypervisor are you using, and then, they certainly have a support forum that can offer you more detailed specific support and help.

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This has been discussed in the W2k SP5 thread and the KernelEx thread; it’s possible that you need BWC KernelEx 2.8h or newer, but do check out the info for yourself, as it’s not something I’ve had the opportunity to deal with myself just yet.





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He is amazing, that’s for sure, and it’s good you were able to install his new kernel on top of your UUR, as sometimes that can be problematic.  And maybe, just maybe, a new UUR is in the offing…another something to look forward to in the season of hope.

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On Thursday, December 15, 2016 at 7:29 AM, Phenomic said:

I downloaded this file but it complains about needing KB2722913. That is a 3.0GB file containing all security updates in 2012. I guess the UURollup from 2014 does not include this, since I am running that version (Windows2000-UURollup-v11-d20141130-x86-ENU.7z).

Is there a way to access just the IE6.0SP1-KB2722913-WINDOWS2000-X86-ENU.EXE by itself?


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