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Samsung Galaxy i747 Wifi forced off???

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Hi MSFN! I messed around with my old, slow phone (with no warranty left) by rooting it with iRoot, then proceeded to remove system applications that bloated up the phone, then installed clockworkmod recovery. After countless failed attempts of trying to upgrade to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, I upgraded the bootloader then I noticed the wifi won't turn on. I tried resetting the phone, but the removed system apps and wifi did not come back. I tried airplane mode, but the phone got stuck on it, with the icon still appearing after reboot while the options said it was off. I tried using a backup from when the wifi did work with no luck, I kept getting pestered with a message that a certain process wasn't working. After fighting with the phone I tried going into odin download mode then flashed the i747 stock rom. This fixed the errors, but now my phone is missing system apps and the wifi still REFUSES to turn on.

Any tips?

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