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  1. Chatwing is a great chat room software for group chat if you want to install live chat on your website. I've used chatwing on my website for 2 years, its awesome. I have not used they're chat app builder yet but am considering launching an app too.
  2. Hackers Threaten to Wipe Millions of iPhones

    That's very bad news if all iPhones are hacked. I am even confused how is this possible?
  3. Hello from Italy

    wow! what a great skills do you have. Thanks!
  4. Hello From The USA

    Nice to have a chat with you here. I am also a newbie. Enjoy!
  5. Samsung Galaxy i747 Wifi forced off???

    Don't have any kind of idea about this one. But will search for better ideas.
  6. Its Windows on your phone!

    Actually I don't have better idea using Windows Phone so far. But I love to try for this one. lol
  7. Will Galaxy S6 be your next phone?

    Nope, I am looking for S8 which one is going to release this week.
  8. white Galaxy S6

    Actually S series device is really good. I love this brand so far.
  9. Hello community!

    Thanks for your time and reply!
  10. Hello community!

    Hello guys, Greetings! Hope everyone here doing great so far. I am new member into this community. I would like to introduce myself with you guys. I am a simple guy. I love to travel onto various places. And also love to drive different cars. Thanks for your time!