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aeroglass version 1.5 for win10


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hello i jsut downloaded and installed the aeroglass version 1.5 from www.glass8.eu

and i have a watermark in the lower right corner that says aeroglass for win8.1

i was wondering how on earth i get rid of that? someone said i need to donate to the builder

and he will tell me how to run it off, if thats the case no problem i dont mind donating

and i will even if there is some other way to turn it off, i jsut wasnt sure how i go about

making the donation and how i get the instructions to remove the watermark

thansk for your time in helping me thru this issue

QuasiScreenshot (6).png

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I didn't know I could donate (silly me!), so I went ahead and did so, and now I'm offered the opportunity to create a machine-specific key, presumably to disable the watermark (which is what the OP wanted). Thing is, whatever I type into the "Machine ID" field doesn't seem to take, and it won't generate a key.



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Hi everyone ! I have a special question for you. How can I enable aero blur effect for metro application ?  I used this in 1.4.5 version.  Please if you know how can I run aero blur in metro application, please write instruction or give me a links for instruction. 

Best Regards.


sorry. It's offtop. I found this information.

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