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Help! Cannot Download Kensington KeyboardWorks


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This seems impossible, but it's happening to me!

Here is a direct link for Kensington KeyboardWorks For Desktops_v1.2:


I've tried three browsers.  They all stopped downloading at 92%.  My favorite download manager,
FlashGet, announced "ALL DONE" at 92%.  I have no idea why this is happening!  It reminds me of
the internet in the early days.  Downloads were frequently erratic and unpredictable.

I'm amazed that I can't find an alternate link for this app at huge software sites like Majorgeeks,
CNET, etc.  For example, Majorgeeks has Kensington MouseWorks.  Why don't they have a link for

If you can find an alternate link, that's what I need.

This file is only 8.7MB.  If no alternate links are available, maybe one of you could download a copy
and send it as an attachment to my email address.  (I'll provide my email address in a private

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Got the file.  Thank you jaclaz.

Two days ago I was about to order some new computer hardware.  I always download the software
and/or drivers before buying hardware.  The hardware is worthless if you don't have the proper

jaclaz, I agree with you about the size of KeyboardWorks.  I should not have said, "This file is
only 8.7MB." 

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