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Last BOINC working version for W2000?

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Thanks Brooke.

Version 7.4.42 stops in the middle of install. Version 6.6.38 works, but is unable to download project data, with SSL error and deferred connection messages. I upgraded to SP4 for W2000 and have nothing else than BOINC on this computer.

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Ok, got things going. For the records Version 7.4.42 works with KernelEx (I used v28c). I´m just limited for the amount of memory I have in this old machine, most of projects require at least 300 Mb and I have 284 :( available. Also crunching from World Community Grid is not easy, as is the only group that require a higher encryption, but it can be done from W2000, with enough RAM.

So the answer to all this: project done!

Thx for your help

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