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Erratic Start Menu


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XP Pro_SP3

I've got the "classic" Start Menu.

Creating, deleting, or moving a folder or shortcut simply doesn't work without a reboot.
The problem is really bad after installing or removing an app.  Occasionally, shortcuts
appear in random locations, or you'll find duplicates after dragging a shortcut to a
different folder.

Since you don't make Start Menu changes very often, I decided to accept this reboot as
"normal" which was a mistake.  Just a guess, but it seems like one or more background
processes is hanging, that's why rebooting always fixes the problem.  I'm probably wrong,
that's why I'm asking for a "real" solution.

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Except for this crazy Start Menu glitch, I haven't noticed any other system problems.  Believe
me, if I was forced to tinker with Start Menu everyday I would definitely consider a clean install.
Occasionally rebooting the system before making changes to the Start Menu is a lot easier than
a fresh install!  

This is almost too simple, but I just thought of a possible solution.  Why not create two Desktop
shortcuts directly to the Start Menu folders?

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu


C:\Documents and Settings\YourNameHere\Start Menu

I know what you're thinking.  If the Start Menu cannot be accessed directly without a reboot, the
contents of the folders are probably screwed up too.  I'll add those two shortcuts and see what
happens.  It won't hurt anything to try.

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Hoppalong, I believe that MrMaguire question/suggestion is worth a try much more than your (with all due respect :) "crazy") idea of the double shortcuts.

It is possible that your current account has been somehow corrupted (I am thinking of either *something* in NTUSER.DAT or a permission issue on the actual folders).

As well it is possible that some "start up" items are conflicting.

Even without rebooting, you can well list running processes and kill (a few at a time) them to pinpoint which one is "hanging".

Creating (temporarily) a new user is fast, costs nothing and at least it would "exclude" the current user profile from being part of the problem ( if the same happens then the issue is more likely to be connected to the "All Users").



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