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Restore or reinstall?

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I've decided to reinstall Windows on a 4years old laptop, because it's showing weird errors (basically Start Menu, Settings, and Apps don't run anymore).

What's better:
A- restore it to factory settings (so Win8 + apps) and redo all the infinite upgrades.
B- reinstall just Win10.

I'm thinking about B, do you agree?

Are there some drawbacks? (except for Win10 itself, but the owner likes it)
Anything I should be careful about? (other that the backup and maybe system img)

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11 hours ago, vinifera said:

go for easier way :D

Uh, that wasn't very helpful..

Anyway, now the owner probably wants the default apps -_-'

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Neither option sounds appealing as you'd have to take the time to add all the apps, programs, and updates back into 8.1, and windows update now takes forever to get updates then go back to remove, or outright avoid, anything related to telemetry and upgrading to win10 (though since the owner likes 10 its likely they'll eventually undo this and try upgrading to 10); or upgrade to 10 then possibly have to restore/reinstall the OS regardless as the errors could transfer over, if not be made worse because of the upgrade, and still have to perform the updates, set up, stabilize it from any bad updates, etc. However, other than directx 12 and support for newer hardware, I can't think of any other advantages 10 has to 8, 7, and (arguably) XP.

My opinion: I'd say go for 10 since the owner likes it and it might (emphasis on might) run better on the hardware. Regardless of whatever you decide to do, good luck with it! :thumbup

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5 minutes ago, Shining Escuridao said:

Neither option sounds appealing as you'd have to take the time [..] I'd say go for 10 [..] good luck with it! :thumbup

Yeah, I usually prefer to fix errors, than to reinstall everything, but I don't have much choice here.

Btw, the guy now wants the apps, so I'm probably stuck to option A.


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Woa! I don't like Win10, but.. a full reinstallation has never been so easy! :o

(I was able to chose option B)

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