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Would this PC run 9x?

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I am interested in running some older OSes. Particularly, Windows 98/ME. Would these specs work out?  And if they don't what could I run?

It's a Dell Optiplex 780:

Core 2 Duo 2.93GHz


Dell 03NVJ6 Motherboard

Intel Q45/Q43 Express Chipset

A 250GB SATA HDD (with legacy options)

SoundMAX Integrated HD Audio (if this is for the integrated speaker and the headphone jack will still work, I don't need it)

And a Belkin USB Wireless Adapter (fine if i can't use it)

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You will have some difficulty and in order to run it in this state, you will definitely need Rloew's RAM patch and even then Windows 98 will only see it as 3.1GBs. 250GB SATA goes over the 137GB limit, so you'll need Rloew's high disk capacity patch, although I think there are a few patches floating around here that'll work as well and they're free. HD Audio will never work with Windows 98 and I don't even know if there's ever anyone that could crack that open. As for the USB adapter, it's unlikely that it'll work but since you didn't specify the actual model, I can't say for sure. Onboard video won't work either, I'm sure.

Windows 98 will *work*, but there will be a lot of configuring and playing around to do. Rloew's patches are pretty much a must though but those will cost a little bit of money. Not a lot, but some.

Do you plan on running any other OS along side 98 or by itself?

What form factor is the computer? You could add expansion cards that'll probably make it usable.

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