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AIO DVD - Retail + OEM versions


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I need to create a disk with Windows 7 Professional x64 Retail + OEM versions available from the installation selection.

I currently have two disks with the Version (OEM + Retail) defined in the ei.cfg file, I have tried combining the WIM files from each disk but this results with only the first selected option available on the selection. - I believe the WIM files are identical hence the issue.

I have not been successful in locating an explanation as to how to edit the WIM file to specify OEM or Retail. - Can anyone offer a How to.... I have seen DVD's available for download that other have created that have OEM / DAZ/ Retail editions combined in an ESD file, I know I can convert the ESD to WIM but am struggling with the version option.

I would like to know how to do this :D


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:crazy: It goes no further than EI.CFG. There is no other difference in the content.

In other words, look at the contents of the two and tell me what the difference is. I have compared the OEM and Retail DVD's and they're exactly the same (except for said file). Unless, of course, you're referring to a Customized (by the actual OEM) DVD.

P.S. That looks like a WAREZ DVD. For a fact, DAZ is (it's a Loader).

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I understand that the source I was referencing is questionable and has used loader - not condoning illegal activity but looking to understand how it was created for legitimate use.

When I have the two folders with the OEM and Retail EI.CFG files and I Import the WIM files to build the AIO it doesn't see the import as OEM and Retail as the EI.CFG is external to the .WIM file.

I am trying to build a legit DVD without the DAZ loader images. I want to be in control of the content and know that it is only an OEM source and Retail source but I have no idea how these dvd's were created... I build systems with both legitimate licenses and just want to create my own install dvd with the combined sources. (not looking to create a pre-activated image or anything illegal).

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8 hours ago, Dibya said:



Thanks Dibya for not reading my post... I am looking to create a legitimate DVD without the DAZ Loader images. I was asking if anyone knew how to combine Retail and OEM images of Windows 7 on the same disk.

I am not advocating piracy or creating illegal disks - just using that image as a reference to show that it can be done but I do not know how, the image is not offensive just illustrating that someone out there knows how to do it.

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@Wolverine1977 - I repeat that EI.CFG is the "key". Remove it and move on. There is NO DIFFERENCE between an OEM Windows7 Pro and a Retail Windows 7 Pro EXCEPT that file which DETERMINES which Edition to install and nothing more. I have LITERALLY used my OEM Key to install from a Retail of the same edition. I all depends on HOW you install as it uses that to determine AT INSTALL TIME which Product Key Variation to use. Simply DO NOT enter the key during Install and use "slmgr.vbs" AFTER install. There is NO SUCH BEAST as an AIO that "mixes" these unless LITERALLY altered. These so-called AIO's are NOT using the standard Setup but are using an entirely different method. Indeed, that screenshot has to have been made during an AutoPlay setup. Have you ever heard of (e.g.) AutoPlay Menu Studio? ;) I'm betting the "method" is not dissimilar to creating an AIO Windows2000/XP. Google that and get back to us.

HTH (you're understanding...)

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