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Installing SP4.


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I wonder what is changed between POSReady updates and unofficial SP4 update.




Cheers and Regards



Read that already, but what is actually changed in files in particular(for example xxx.sys replaced with hotfix-kbXXXXXXX)?

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It's not clear exactly what you are asking.  I interpreted your question:

I wonder what is changed between POSReady updates and unofficial SP4 update.

to mean,
"Besides the POSReady updates, which are the same in both the POSReady updates and the unofficial SP4 update, what ELSE is included in SP4?"
The SP4 COMPONENTS_REFERENCE.PDF which I referenced includes a complete list of what is included in SP4 so that you can see what is included over and above the POSReady updates.  You'll have to lookup each of the additions to see what each one does, ie what original XP files are replaced with what.


Cheers and Regards

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Not exactly SP4 related, but close enough, I hope:


While I have a reasonably stable XP installed on the 1st partition of my SSD, I wonder: if I install a new XP and give SP4 another try on the 2nd partition, will a dual boot option automatically be installed? That is what happens when installing Win7 after XP.


I guess I better disconnect all other drives during the process :}


I actually already have that configuration, but what can I do to boot the 2nd partition?




I took a deep breath and installed XP and then SP4 fresh downloaded from the cloud, and left things to develop at their own volition. The only misgiving encountered was when, probably after the first automatic/mandatory restart of the machine, I got the msg MOM.exe Fatal Error, CLR error 800004005, the program will terminate.


Since that I left the machine alone until disk activity went down to zero, and now I can restart without any unexpected behavior.


Next thing I'm going to enable automatic updates and start installation of my usual utilities and  programs. For the time being I remain hopeful that the system now will be well behaved. If all goes well, I'll give SP4 a bill of clean health.


Now I  can chose which version to boot, the old, SP3 or the new, SP4. What more could I ask for? Maybe something new and a little different that I'm living in new world in the way of "Skin"...


Aren't you glad I didn't give up?

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If you keep getting these strange error messages or Blue Screens (BSODs) on a regular basis I would also check to see if your system ram is still ok, and your cpu does not overheat.

Did you do install Windows XP on a clean (empty) partition this time, or did you do another "upgrade" installation?

Also double check the MD5 signature of the SP4 installer, before applying it on your fresh installed XP.

If your system has indeed a malware infection sometimes it injects itself into any exe file.

I would keep Windows Updates disabled for now and head over to installing SP4 right away.

Or do you want to risk making the same mistakes again?

So best way to install Windows XP SP4 without slipstreaming is:

1. Install Windows XP SP1 or later version from CD/DVD on a new empty partition.
2. Check MD5 signature of SP4 installer to make sure it is not altered by malware.
3. If not sure about this and your internet connection is working fine you can download a new copy again.
4. Disable Windows Updates. Don't install any other software or drivers.
5. Install Windows XP SP4
6. Check if installation is successful and runs without throwing errors.
7. Go install the latest software and drivers.
8. Check if everything keeps running fine. If errors occur you can backtrack it to the installation of a specific driver or software program.
9. Use an AntiVirus program with updated virus database to scan your old Windows installation and backup copies.
10. Cherry pick the files important for you to put back on your fresh installed system.
11. Report success!

I recommend not to boot your old XP SP3 installation. Doing that while the system might be infected can cause the infection to spread to your new installation.
Even after having scanned the old installation with an antivirus does not protect you against advanced root kit infections.

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No Sir, no problems here - AFAIK.


I haven't  had any BSOD's, and the MOM error msg appeared just once at the first restart after installation. Since then, all quiet and I am proceeding with updates.


Installation of SP4 was of course done on a fresh XPSp3 installed on a newly formatted SSD partition,and no connection with the Web before I was convinced that all installation procedures had been disposed of by SP4  Monitoring Task Manager I could see that further processing and disk access was termianted. I don't know what more one possibly could do.


I've been busy most of the day installing utilites and programs that I use and no indications of abnormal behavior have appeared..


What problems may be hidden like a Trojan deep down in the system I of course can't tell, time will show. Until then, I won't lose any sleep over SP4. If you trust it, me too will.


It is so comfortabe being able to chose between the default of XPSp4 or XPSp3 at startup. My life doesn't depend on either system, it is all about leisure time use. I don't do programming any more, MASM, Pascal, Unix, FOXBASE, VFP - never again! From before CP/M, MSDOS and all the rest...

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In his reply (post  #5) on this thread, bphlpt links to an article about

How to slipstream an XP disc with SP3 and all other updates When Windows XP support ends, here's how to grab all of the updates and create a custom installation disc that has them all pre-applied.

Is that something i ought to do with my XPSp3 disc? I have a little problem with that disc, the original refuses to install, it comes back telling me it can't find the EULA, but luckily enough, I made a CD copy  and that one works. But I can't make a Rufus version, it won't install anyway.


What I am aiming for is of course to have a disk that can do it all in one operation, i.e. install XPSp4 on a blank hard drive.


I've got nLite now, and presume that if I take care faithfully to follow the instructions, I'll get what i want. As before, if I use a spare hard disk there isn't anything to be afraid of. I have other pressing problems to take care of so thinking clearly is not easy these days. But I've got to keep my hobby going or I'd go nuts.

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No, Roffen, bphlpt was just informing you of useful info. Use the recommended SP4 Slipstream method (using nLite) to creat a fully up-to-date DVD (won't fit on a CD), figuring on (since the POS flag will be set) more Updates for MS Update (for POS). You're XP is already at SP3, so you just need Post-SP3 (that would be SP4).



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Taking the instructions on how to use the RVM Integrator at face value, I assume this is what I should do:


  1. Browse to i386 folder of my Windows XP installation source disk.
  2. Choose option of browsing to a destination directory, or let the integrator choose or create one?
  3. Choose upgrade Pack, i.e.  WindowsXP-USP4-v3.1a-x86-ENU
  4. Choose addon pack(s).


Re. #4, I haven’t read anything about that, but should I add any of the updates available for the SP4 pack? Or can they be added after installation of SP4?

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I've always just run SP4 as an ordinary program after installing XPSp3, and can verify it's existence  by checking  the control panel/remove installed programs page, there SP4 shall be listed.  I only wonder what good SP4 actually will be doing for me. At least I get updates and hope that is good for my system. Today, I celebrate installing  XP and SP4 for the last time ever. 

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6 hours ago, Destro said:

I still prefer making my own XP using Addons. Like QFE + POS + IE8 + whatever else I decide to integrate.

When googling QFE doesn't provide a clue, I am left in the blue. But I know what POS and IE8 are. My XP works as is. Even with a knife at my neck I wouldn't know what to integrate. I still use FF to browse, What might I want to use IE8 for?

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I mean QFE_UpdatePack, but yea Quick Fix Engineering.  The other kind of patch is called GDR, General Distribution Release.   Need IE8 for compatibility reasons of other software and Microsoft update of course.

Basically what I have always done is use Nilte and slipstreamed and used Add ons to make my XP discs.  Since this is your last time ever installing XP you say than I don't see much reason to explain too much or try to teach.


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