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My Fedora Desktop


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Since the end is near (at least according to Microsoft) for Windows Vista, 7, & 8.0 system I decided to setup a Linux system to mess around with so that I am not jumping into the deep end of the pool if I ever decided to leave Windows. I selected Fedora OS x64 Mate Spin.

Some extremely basic info about the computer:

2 monitors (One for the Linux Desktop and the 2ed for a Windows VM)

16GB Ram

4gb nvidia graphics card

CD/DVD Read/Write

2TB Hard drive

Software Installed:

All the default Linux software packages (LibreOffice, claw mail, Firefox the usual)

Wine - to allow me to run small windows programs

Virtual Box - Run a Windows VM so I can watch Hulu it's a HAL issue

VM Ware player - Broken at the moment

Samba - Connect to windows share

Not much, but if fits my needs. Any thoughts opinions any potential enhancements post below.


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Is that Virtual Box peaking out from under the Mate Terminal window? It looks like you are also experimenting with a React OS VM installation. I'd like to hear how usable ROS is becoming. Maybe not so usable, since you didn't mention it?

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Yep that virtual box. I have not done much with React OS yet so far I have just booted the live CD image to see what it was all about (vinifera mentioned it in a post in another topic). It looks very promising if I had not been looking so close I would have thought it was windows lol. I have plans to attempt to install it on an old XP era laptop I just need to get a hard drive or set it up on a flash drive if that is supported.

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Over the years I've booted a few Linux live CD's. I've also downloaded three React OS live CD's, but haven't tried to boot from one. So far I've just been testing the DLL's for use on Win98se with KernelEx.

I recently acquired a system that dual boots Ubuntu and XP-MCE, but haven't done any virtual machines yet. Other than some KernelEx development on an older XP system and a bit of Android 2.3 tablet use, 98se is still my primary computing platform.

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I would still like to play around with Windows 98, but running it in a VM is not the same thing. When I get a chance I will install React OS on that old laptop and do some real testing.

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