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W7 Updates anomaly

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Hi all, I'm new here.


I want to keep my W7 Ultimate 64-bit setup for as long as possible, so I recently slipstreamed my 2012 W7 (all versions) DVD with 200+ updates that were obtained via Windows Updates Downloader.


This is the first time I've tried this.


An online how-to showed me how to use NTLite for the job.


It seemed to work OK and I installed the new integrated W7 onto a new computer I've just built.


But now I'm confused. The ULZ list obtained via Windows Updates Downloader only showed updates to March 2015.


But when I logged my new rig into Microsft Updates, I was offered another 96 'important' updates, plus 5 'optionals'.


I don't understand why this disparity. I mean, I would have thought that ULZ lists would have included updates of a more recent vintage than March 2015, if, as seems to be the case from my Microsoft logon, they are actually available.


I'm sure there's a logical reason, but I'd appreciate knowing what it is.


Thanks for reading.






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the list just has not been updated a good amount of time has passed. the developer may have gotten busy and has not released an updated copy. another thought I have is updates on updates (updates that fix broken updates (it happens)) has for the optional my guess is they are specific to your computers hardware, something to ease the upgrade to W10, or something that you have to agree to the terms and conditions to before you can install (ie. IE, malicious software remover, windows live essentials ect)

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Richie614a, thanks. Yeah, a bit weird. Just took a closer look at the offered updates and SP1 is on the list.

Say what! The W7 ISO I used as a base for the integrated installer has SP1, and that's a 2012 disc! Holy Gatesman. :blushing:


xman charl: This is DISM, right? And you reckon it's simple to use. You must be some sort of genius, man :thumbup

Or maybe I'm just too thick to be doing this sort of geeky mumbo-jumbo.


Maybe I should just use my original 2012 W7 disc and put up with having to install 300 updates :realmad:

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