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Difference between home and core?


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The thing is though you are just spouting half read articles and not fully quoting them. My point is that (myself included) people here have multiple decades of real knowledge not just reading. MS has been proven wrong on so many occasions on their printed works that they cannot be used as a reliable source (kinda like you)

If a manufacturer has drivers for Windows seven yet says on the front they only support Vista them they are actually supporting seven they just didn't update their front page.

You really need to learn to think for yourself not jus read


Until something is proven as inaccurate by Microsoft, or any company, then you must accept what is said at face value... we're not talking about something crazy or major, we're talking about the reason an update was pulled for a few hours.  Why anyone would choose to be conspiratorial about that and rant about it is beyond comprehension.  I assume members on this forum are intelligent, but choosing to argue a nonexistent point, giving in to conspiratorial ideologies and the belief that corporations are out to personally get you while wearing a tinfoil is simply absurd and ludicrous.  There are sites for that line of thinking... this is not one on them.


Saying that a company supports something when they say they don't is absurd... let's make the assumption you're perspective is accurate.  It's simply bad business for the manufacturer, and since board manufacturers are in business to make as much of profit as possible,  to not list OSes that are supported, as it would affect profit margins.  This is another non-existent point... I don't know you, you don't know me, and as far as I know, you don't work for the board manufacturer(s).  Without some sort of evidence from a manufacturer that the information you claim to be right is indeed right, one must trust the source [the manufacturer] and not a third party [you or any other user].  To believe otherwise is simply ignorant and a recipe for disaster in life.


Either way, it's a beautiful day and I've spent as much time as I'm going to spend on this discussion, trying to show rationale and logic where it's seriously lacking.  You will probably disagree, and that's ok... we will simply have to agree to disagree.  Best of luck to you =]

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I haven't argued with you as to why that update was pulled. Yet another wrong statement by you. When a mother board puts say windows xp as the supported OS but later READ LATER ads drivers for seven or Vista it's because the board was sold during the xp time. They then added support by making drivers. You make it sound like the front page says we do not support this OS that's not what the main page says it says at the time of manufacturing this board supports xp. It has always been this way. Again that's where real experience comes in. You are not actually researching at all you are just looking at the front page.

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As I said before, I've wasted enough time discussing meaningless nonsense. Have a wonderful day =]

And like a pidgen on a chess board he's out.

What's wrong can't keep backing up your bs?

You've not proven me wrong once I've proven you wrong at least six times. Some with your own words.

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I wish it were true that Server OS couldn't be used on Desktop boards and vice-versa. Would make my job a lot easier.

Generally, there isn't much difference between the two. The only big ones would be video and audio support. And don't confuse what works with what a company may support.

Overall, the one we can say generally won't fly would be Notebooks with Server OS. A couple of clients have had this thought cross their mind since Xeon support has been made available on gamer models. Fortunately, most of the other add-on software needed for notebooks refuses to install or work properly on server OSes.

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